The "UVE Standard" Valet

We don't offer any complicated packages, we simply offer one valeting package which cleans everything with no half measures.

The "UVE Standard" Valet gives your carpets, seats and dashboard a deep dry clean. We start by flushing your wheel arches and then your wheels get an intensive clean to remove any contaminants and a full clean of the wheel. The paint gets a full wash 'n' wax.. Your windows are all polished and plastics dressed to keep them looking new.

We used to offer a few different packages for valeting, but whats the point in only valeting half of your car? so we now only offer one all inclusive package where other specialist services can be added when needed

Contact us to book your UVE Standard Valet, the price will vary based on the size of your car and work required

Why use us?

When you use supermarket or roadside car washes, often there are small pieces of grit and dirt stuck in the brushes and sponges, this will lightly scratch your paint work, over time this will dull your paint and lower the overall value of your car.

All of our work is done with freshly washed microfiber wash mitts or pads and towels, ensuring that no damage is done thus preserving the paintwork of your car.

For finishing we carry a wide range of options of sealants, waxes and can even offer ceramic coatings..


All of our work is mobile

We come to your home or place of work to valet your car. To use this service you must have a usable outside tap and electricity connection that we can use. Apart from that we do the rest!