Paint Correction

Our Paint Correction package starts with a full safe wash to remove any loose dirt and debris. We then treat the paint work with fall out remover, tar remover and other contaminant removers to remove any particles that have stuck in your paintwork over time. You may not necessarily see these contaminants but they spoil the overall look and shine of a car, other times you will see tar spots ingrained into your cars paint work.

Once your car is washed and most contaminants are removed, we will use a clay bar treatment to remove any further contaminants from your paint work. This is a job done by hand and takes a few hours, once your paint is free of contaminants.

We will then perform a 2-stage machine polish. The stage 2 treatment allows us to machine polish your car twice, using a stronger cutting compound and pad structure initially, then followed up with a finishing polish and pad structure to refine. This service is designed for those owners requiring the upmost exquisite finish. With paintwork in stunning condition by the removal where possible of scratches and paint defects. Leaving nothing short of illustrious, deep, wet looking paint. Once we have completed machine polishing, we will use a panel wipe solution to remove any remaining polish or grease from your paintwork.

We will also clean all your door shuts, panel gaps etc to ensure the best finish possible

For finishing we carry a wide range of waxes and will choose a wax based on our experience of what we think will give your car the best finish. Once the wax has cured, we will buff it off by hand to a fantastic finish​

Contact us to book your Paint Correction, the price will vary based on the size of your car and work required


Why use us?

When you use supermarket or roadside car washes, often there are small pieces of grit and dirt stuck in the brushes and sponges, this will lightly scratch your paint work, over time this will dull your paint and lower the overall value of your car.

All of our work is done with freshly washed microfiber wash mitts or pads and towels, ensuring that no damage is done thus preserving the paintwork of your car.

For finishing we carry a wide range of options of sealants, waxes and can even offer ceramic coatings..


All of our work is mobile

We come to your home or place of work to valet your car. To use this service you must have a usable outside tap and electricity connection that we can use. Apart from that we do the rest!